Carry lives in rural Northamptonshire, a few miles from where she grew up, but her interest in landscape takes her across England Scotland and Wales. Birds she notices fly into her landscape images. The range of Carry’s work is reproduced in her own books: ‘natures powers & spells, Landscape Change, John Clare and Me’, and “Found in the Fields”. Her work has been used on various book covers, and she is the series jacket artist for Bloomsbury’s British Wildlife Collection. She illustrates the Bird of the Month column in The Oldie magazine. Carry is a member of the Society of Wildlife Artists and shows with them in London each year.

Carry’s most favoured printmaking technique is serigraphy, (screenprinting), but employing a very low-tech approach. A lot of time is spent with scissors or scalpel, creating cut-paper stencils to control where each layer of ink passes through the screen. Where the layers of ink overlap they create new colours, and the image is invented during the process of being made, reacting to how the image develops. Colour, shape and composition are her main focus, all used to try to recapture the experience of a place, including  the birds and botany observed.


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